It's a shame that Ford don't offer the S-Max in North America, because then this Prius enthusiast wouldn't have had to go to all this trouble. You see, he created the FrankenPrius from two halves of two damaged Prii in order to create a 6-seater with decent fuel economy. Ford's S-Max offers available seating for seven and in diesel form, gets better economy than even a standard Prius.

After being accused of being a bad Photoshop job on the PriusChat forums, it's revealed that Toyota's flagship hybrid makes an excellent candidate for a wheelbase extension due to it's arched roof, which better spreads force across the vehicle than the flat roofs of traditional Limos like Hummer's H2 and the Lincoln Town Car. The builder also notes that there's potential for greater reclamation of kinetic energy through regenerative braking due to the added weight.