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Prius Driver Beat Up After Taking Out Two Bikers

Illustration for article titled Prius Driver Beat Up After Taking Out Two Bikers

A San Francisco area Prius driver couldn't get enough of a pack of motorcycles cruising the freeway, and decided to record video of them. Unfortunately, driving and shooting video proved to be too much for the 19-year-old hybrid pilot, and he veered into the pack of two wheelers, taking two of them out.


For his distracted driving, the unidentified teenage Prius driver got a ticket, but only after getting beat up by other riders in the group.

He said he was also threatened with a knife, but the bikers were understandably pissed off at him. While he was videotaping from his Prius in the center lane, the young man veered into the right lane, overcorrected, then swerved into the left lane, knocking down one of the riders. When his car bounced off the jersey wall, he took out another one.


We've all seen these videos on YouTube. Someone sees something they think is cool, you get the over-the-mirror shot and some inane commentary by someone whose concentration is split amongst too many different things. "There they are. Badass bikers. Yeah. Look at 'em go. [Mouth breathing.] Awesome. Yeah. [More mouth breathing. Image shakes awkwardly into the dash and ends.]"

The two bikers our hero took down were treated for minor injuries after the crash, as was the Prius guy after his beating. Seems like he took quite a risk to create yet more digital noise that probably would have done little to improve the world. Glad he didn't kill anyone.

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I'm seriously astounded by everyone chiming in with "he deserved it, those bikers did the right thing!"

Are you kidding me? Yeah, of course he deserved some sort of punishment. But that's up to the judicial system to decide. Advocating assault because of a mistake (even an absurdly stupid one) is just cruel.