Princess Di's Final Ride May Be Sold At Auction

Here's one from from the "F'ing Classy" files. Manager of Etoile Limousine, Jean-Francois Musa, has requested the London Police return his Mercedes-Benz S280, which crashed in 1997 killing Princess Diana, Dodi Al Fayed, and driver Henri Paul. Why? He wants to offer it for auction. Of course, Musa is no ghoul: He's said he would make sure to offer the bereaved father of Al Fayed the S280 first, you know, out of "respect," the idea of which Mohammed Al Fayed termed "disgusting." Musa is hoping for a haul of seven figures, considering the historical significance and authentic blood stains, saying "It's worth a great deal of money." Consider our faith in humanity suitably reduced. Photo credit Time [Edmunds Inside Line]


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