Pretty Polly Stockings Make Great Jaguar XK140 Fan Belts!

So we got this babe driving down the coast in an old Jaguar and the Charge light comes on. What to do? Why, whip off one of her Pretty Polly stockings and tie it into the exact right length for use as a fan belt (we don't see her adjusting the tension, but we must assume that she's carrying a major set of tools if she's driving that thing out of sight of her garage). What happens next? It probably went like this: Sure, you'd figure there'd be a strict cause/effect relationship between the broken fan belt and the Charge light... but you'd be wrong! There's no such thing as a single equipment failure on an old British car; the broken belt was just a distraction from the real problem. Bad generator? Several connectors going bad at the same moment? Whatever it is, that other stocking isn't going to be much help when the next breakdown takes place a few miles down the coast!


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Rob Emslie

Man if I'd only seen this last week. It would have gone a long way in explaining to my wife the pair of nylons she found in the glove box. I'd still have to deal with explaining the g-string, push-up bra, wig and make up, but it would have been a start.

By the way, NEVER get a bikini wax sober.