Pretty Much Everything Was Crazy About Soviet Cars Sold In The West

If you thought Vector was responsible for the most ridiculous press shots in human history, just look at this British art piece depicting just your average day with the Lada 1200 4-door Saloon.

While the Soviets made their repressed citizens wait and wait for their outdated family haulers, export was booming because Moscow needed all the foreign currency it could get to finance the Cold War and keep up their false economy.


While a Lada Niva 4x4 might have made sense in Canada or New Zealand, the same couldn't be said about the Polish Fiat 125 clone FSO 1300 in Great Britain, or the rear-engined Skodas with their questionable rust protection. And how about the Yugo in America?

The only reason for a British customer leaving the dealership with an Eastern model was their low price, but as the BBC found out in 1986, buyers of the "luxury" Lada Riva would have been better off with a second hand Vauxhall.

However, it would be very unfair to blame anybody for having a limited budget but no desire for a dreadful '80s Citroën 2CV.

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