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Well, we're now here in lovely Rossburg, Ohio in the lovely media room trailer outside of the track. We've already had a chance to get credentialed and although we were supposed to sign some release stating we wouldn't be able to take photos of the track — we may not have had the chance to sign it — wink, wink. So we're going to try our damndest to bring you the fun as we see it. Already we're hearing all sorts of fun stuff, and we've even heard from our track insider their five key points we've got to be watching for tonight. So, in no particular order — other than, you know, the top one — just because it'll be fun to watch:

1.) Juan Pablo Montoya — here for a good cause, NEVER raced on dirt.

2.) Kurt Busch — is he coming? We know Tony hopes so? Will he and Tony get to "talk things over?"

3.) Jeff Gordon vs Tony Stewart — the prime matchup

4.) Red Farmer, the ageless wonder

5.) Schrader — is he the favorite tonight?


What are y'all gonna be watching for tonight on the dirt track — or what else should I be watching for? Stay with us tonight and I'll keep you in the loop at the Prelude To The Dream tag.

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UPDATE #3: Prelude To The Dream: Watching NASCAR Drivers Learn How To Drive In The Dirt Is Dirty Work


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