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Pre-Owned BMW Ads Now Completely Indiscernible From Syphilis PSAs

Illustration for article titled Pre-Owned BMW Ads Now Completely Indiscernible From Syphilis PSAs

What It's Selling: Pre-owned Bimmers

Where It's At: Greece

What This Ad Literally Says: "You know you're not the first"

What This Ad Intends To Say: Would you say no to a sexy looking woman just because she's not a virgin? Probably not unless you're one of those "religious types." Therefore, BMW hopes you'd respond similarly when given the offer of a great car someone's driven before.


What This Ad Suggests: A used Bimmer is a hot woman who looks sort of like Sienna Miller.

Jalopnik Snap Judgment: This pervy POV shot looks exactly like the STD ads they're putting in the men's rooms at bars. Change the little BMW logo to "Get Tested" and it works just as well.


However, the ad's also pretty good at getting the point across — used Bimmers are cheaper than new ones. Also, they can give you Syphilis.

[Ads Of The World via CopyRanter]

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Rob Emslie

BTW, I've been to Greece, and I can say with authority that the Greeks are, on average, a whole lot better looking than the rest of us. So I could totally see her in Greece, clap or no clap.