Prancing Phone: Vertu Ascent Ferrari 60 Limited Edition

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High-end cell-phone builder Vertu has a new titanium ear pillow for Ferraristi. It's the Vertu Ascent Ferrari 60, inspired by the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti. It's an extremely limited-edition follow-up to the company's Ascent Ferrari 1947, and like it, commemorates Ferrari's 60th anniversary. The Ascent 60 comes with wallpapers and ringtones featuring the 612 Scaglietti, and sports the same style of philips screws and leather covering found on Ferrari models. Of course, the titanium Ferrari shift gate on the back is worth the yet-undisclosed entry fee. [Sybarites via Carscoop]




Yup, the ringtone should be an F1 Ferrari running through all 7 gears. If it hits 20,542 RPM in 7th, you get the sound of valves crashing into pistons, rods puncturing crankcases, gears grenading down the track, a PA announcement for cleanup in corner 7, and then your caller gets voice mail.