Possible BMW X5M, X6M Prototypes Spotted In Spartanburg

Some are suggesting that the BMW X5 and X6 prototypes you see here will wear the sacred "M" badge when they reach production. The rules used to state that all BMW "M" cars must be naturally aspirated and rear-wheel-drive. But with rumors of turbochargers being bolted to future M-models, and now the prospect of these soft-roaders, presumably with power being sent to all four wheels, it looks like the rules laid down by the founding fathers are being shredded a-la the US constitution. But are we really seeing what we think we're seeing here?
Much as we still have faith in democracy, we're also skeptical as to whether or not these particular vehicles are M-prototypes — or if M-badged trucks are coming at all. For instance, you'd think that they'd fit an M-model with bigger wheels, and maybe even remove the roof rack, but then they are just prototypes. All enthusiasts should hope these are just sport editions — if they are full-blown M-models, there really is nothing sacred left. [palbay]


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