Portlandia's Obvious Subaru Product Placement Is Obvious

When I first saw the above clip from IFC's "Ha Ha White People" comedy Portlandia I was certain it was product placement (Subaru confirmed this), even if the universe of Portlandia is the kind of place where almost everyone has a favorite Ethiopian restaurant and drives a Prius or a Subaru. It's just a little too obvious with the new Impreza there. Yet, there's a subtle humor underlying the whole thing.


I can't be 100% sure it's an intentional joke, but the punchline of this bit involves a Yugo. Students of automotive history all know the Yugo was brought over to the United States first by Malcolm Bricklin. What else did Bricklin bring over? The Subaru. So many layers.

(Hat tip to Dead_Elvis!)



Spin-Off Show: Redneckia

Premise of skit: Two rednecks, each in a jacked-up, lifted pickup truck requiring a small ladder to get in and out of come to a four-way stop at the same time. They each wave each other through, resulting in a stalemate.

They promptly end the stalemate by seeing who can shotgun the most beers while doing a burnout.

The winner gets to go first, promptly hitting a cop car who was in the middle of running the stop sign. A long-drawn out argument ensues before they all decide to blame Obama and have a beer together.