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Boss Wendelin Wiedeking and his gang of Really Serious Guys have already led Porsche out of the Black Forest, transforming it from a specialty carmaker to a specialty carmaker with boxcars of cash, and on to a specialty carmaker that owns a major part of industrial albatross (and family business) Volkswagen (ok, one out of two ain't bad). But Porsche isn't letting up — the company has a raft of new cars on the way. German Car Fans grabs its crystal ball and looks at what's to come from Stuttgart. Summary after the jump.

· 911 Turbo coming in spring 2006 will sport 460bhp/460 lbs.-ft .
· 997 Targa to debut in summer 2006
· 997-series 911 GT3, the road-going version of the GT3 Cup race car, is just about to be launched
· Gas-electric hybrid Cayenne due in 2008. Rumors of a VW-derived diesel won't pan out.
· The Panamera four-door coupe is coming in 2009; VW may share the chassis for its own model a la Cayenne. A 500hp S version may also follow.
· A fifth Porsche model range could be smaller off road model based on the upcoming Audi Q5 (spec rendering pictured)

All New Porsches to Come [German Car Fans]

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