Pretty much anywhere both cars and humans are present you’re bound to hear at least one of them talking about how amazing an aircooled 911 is to drive. If you’ve been a car enthusiast for more than a few minutes, you’ve likely heard more than you ever car to know about an aircooled 911. Whether you like old Porsches or not, you probably know that the steering is unparalleled, the sound of the flat six engine is evocative, and the driving experience is transcendental.

What you may not know is that Porsche made a variant in 1987 which took the whole experience to the next level.


The Carrera Club Sport took the bare bone approach to the next level. No radio, no air conditioning, no sun visor for the passenger. It’s more than the reduction of its parts, however, as Harry Metcalfe calls it “the purest 911 driving experience available” which is insanely high praise. It’s not stupidly fast, and it’s not worth millions, it’s just a great driving experience wrapped up in a 911 shell. Who doesn’t want to get in on that?

You know when people ask that weird question, “If you could have one car from the year you were born, what would it be?” Well, this is always my answer. Sadly, we never got these in the U.S. market. I guess I’ll have to dig in the couch for a few spare 100,000 pound notes.

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