Porsche's 918 Hybrid Supercar Will Be Ludicrously Expensive

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We were never expecting the Porsche 918 Spyder to be cheap. From the start, prices were rumored to be in the $800,000 range. That isn't exactly affordable.


Much like the brochure before it, European pricing for the 918 appears to have leaked, and if it's correct, this car costs even more than we thought.


The price list, which is all in Euros, has the car starting at 768,026 € ($995,976) and goes up to 839,426 € ($1,088,567 )if you want one with the "Weissach Package."

But what is really amazing is the price of the optional equipment. Want magnesium wheels? That's 29,750 € ($38,579). Want a quick charger? That's 20,230 € ($26,234). Special liquid metal paint? It starts at 47,600 € ($61,727).

But then again, if you have enough money for a 918 Spyder, you probably aren't too worried about what the little options cost. Lucky bastards.


Photo Credit: Porsche

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Mr. Ligier 812 GTC4Lusso Rubicon Pista

I am in that market, and with this update, Porsche just fell off my list. At over $1.2M, it's now into Koenigsegg territory, and beyond the McLaren P1 ($1.1M all-in, per the contract). I think they're shooting themselves in the foot. At $845K, they had a bit of a marketplace. As it is, Porsche isn't selling these cars in any serious numbers as of yet.