Porsche-VW Power Struggle Continues

Like a snake trying to eat its own tail, Porsche and Volkswagen AG (and their respective families) are jockeying over ownership of two companies that are practically one — though VW now has a slight advantage.

Porsche had been on a roll and, using their advantage, attempted a VW takeover but then almost went bankrupt trying and had to be saved by a VW loan. Porsche is still in the hole to the tune of ten-billion Euros, so a VW deal would help overcome this. On the other hand, it's unclear what Ferdinand Piech, who both co-owns Porsche and serves as chairman of Volkswagen, wants to do.


At the end of the day, VW and Porsche are completely intertwined so owners of both companies (many of whom own both companies) will likely prosper from any outcome. [Reuters]

Photo Credit: Sean Gallup/Getty Images

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