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Porsche Powered VW Transporter

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

What has four doors, a pick up bed, and a Porsche 911 engine? This heavily modified VW Transporter. We really wish we could call this a full blooded camino (or Straße, or Weg... whatever) but we have a sneaky suspicion this started out as the four door transporter chassis cab and a very nice bed was crafted over the frame. That minor detail does not take away from the flat six 911 heart thumping unter the wooden floored truck bed. So now we're torn. Camino's by nature are burnout machines; light in the back, heavy in the front, with menace in their hearts. But this one offers the possibility of some kind of *gasp* control?

It's true, the builder claims a 0-100 km of 5.1 seconds and a top speed is above 270 km/h. That's crazy talk if you ask us. Such creations should be turning circles at the local 7-11 and rockin' out all night to bad remakes of German techno classics. Of course, you'd do that in a hammered out jalopy, but this sucker will run you 145,000€, so it damn well better be a runner. (Yes we know the engine shot is from the more pedestrian Transporter van version) [via ]