Porsche Paul Walker Died In Was Going More Than 100 MPH Before Crash

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The Porsche Carrera GT driven by Roger Rodas and carrying Fast & Furious star Paul Walker was traveling more than 100 mph before it crashed in November, killing both men, according to the final autopsy report from the LA county coroner.


The new information refutes earlier claims that the car was only traveling 40 or 45 mph before it went out of control.

Stories quoting the report in the Los Angeles Times and other news outlets say that Walker's body was burned so badly following the crash that it was unrecognizable and that his organs could not be donated.

The report also says Rodas suffered severe and ultimately fatal head injuries when the Carrera GT crashed at a fundraiser for Walker's charity.

From their story:

The car crashed into a pole and several trees on Hercules Street in Santa Clarita. The force was so strong that after the driver's side of the vehicle hit a light pole and tree, the car continued spinning until Walker's passenger side slammed into another tree and burst into flames, according to the report.

"It appeared that the vehicle was almost split in half," according to the report.


The report also said neither man had any drugs or alcohol in their system when they died.

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Are there other details about the crash? 100 mph may or may not be inherently dangerous by itself, meaning that merely achieving 100 mph did not cause the crash.

Was the crash during hard accleration from a standstill? Drop-throttle oversteer causing a spin? Instability in a sudden lane change? A host of dynamics could be at play besides just the speed that the media has fixated on.