Porsche Panamera Stars in Suspiciously Convenient Spy Video

Two minutes of drive by and street level video seems hugely suspicious to us. 'Oh hey! Look I'm standing in a field in the German countryside and look what happened to pass by - 3 times - a Porsche Panamera.' 'Hey Dieter, what's that over there opposite the corner we are standing on while you videotape traffic?' ' Why Udo, it appears to be the much anticipated Porsche Panamera, imagine our luck.' We're not buying it. This close to its unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show and two solid minutes of footage comes out? We smell marketeers. And no, you aren't seeing things. Yes that is a trailer hitch, thus signifying the end of days.


@wkiernan: The squared-off rear door window is not really that squared off. Porsche has kept black tape/cladding on its prototypes in that area to create that impression. The actual window profile is more rounded and slightly more sleek.

I really want to like this car, but that last 3/4 seems needlessly bustle-ly to me. I guess I'll have to wait until production model is unveiled to make a final (purely personal) judgment.

I'm pretty sure I wouldn't kick it out of my garage for eating crackers, though.