Porsche Panamera Sedan Teased, Tuned By Roock

This shadowy image of the 2010 Porsche Panamera comes via 4wheelsnews, allegedly from tuner Roock Autosport. It's only the second time we've seen the upcoming Porsche sedan without any camouflage, and we can definitely see much more of the actual car than the first official teaser from Porsche. Though it's not clear exactly what has been modified on the car to turn the Panamera into the Roock RSP 555, but we're sure hoping that's not what the Panamera will look like stock. Turns out, this is just a rendering done previously for Top Gear. Make the jump to see the original.


We've seen the Panamera out testing in camo more than a few different times, but this phony teaser may be the best speculative glimpse yet at the forthcoming four-door. [via 4wheelsnews] [Autoblog] Thanks for the tip Gavin!

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