Recently, we saw a McLaren MP4-12C invade a Toyobaru track day in California. Instead of dominating the day, as it should, the driver put it into a wall.

A Porsche Carrera GT owner in Indiana took his onto the track and didn't take a lesson from the California McLaren crash. Guess what? The car is now crashed and burnt.

The scene was Putnam Park in Greencastle, IN. Our tipster, a mysterious and anonymous human, told us that track conditions had a part to play in the crash:

The driver lost control under wet conditions early in the morning. The car veered off course and slammed into a photographer's car that was parked behind a corner worker station. The car caught fire after an oil line was cut. Both the driver and passenger escaped without harm.


The Carrera GT is a notoriously finicky and difficult to control car that requires a driver to be pretty damn good to get the max potential out of it in the dry. In the wet, it becomes that much more difficult.

There was some good news for the driver, which could also be bad news for the other drivers on the track:

The good news is that the owner also brought his Lamborghini Diablo to the event, so he still had something else to drive the rest of the day.


The Diablo is not known as being particularly forgiving, but it could have been all-wheel drive. Just think, if he had just been driving the all-wheel drive Diablo on the track, there might be one more Carrera GT in the world today.

Farewell, sweet prince.


(Hat Tip to our secret anonymous friend, who may or may not be Batman!)