Porsche Issues Voluntary Stop Sale On The 2015 Cayenne Diesel

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Despite Volkswagen’s denial that its 3.0-liter diesel V6 engine features a EPA regulations-cheating defeat device, Porsche has now officially ordered a stop sale on its Cayenne SUV featuring the engine in question.


In the press release, Porsche follows parent-company Volkswagen Group in saying the EPA’s recent discovery of excessive NOx emissions on the V6 TDI engine was “unexpected,” but reminded drivers that they can continue operating their vehicles normally.

According to an article from USA Today back in 2013, the Cayenne was Porsche’s best selling vehicle, making up a reported 44 percent of sales. (It’s not clear how many Cayennes sold a month are TDI examples.)

The V6 TDI is also used in thousands of various Audi and Volkswagen cars, with no word on any action being taken place by the other brands just yet.

The EPA’s recent rounds of testing, following the huge scandal that included over 11 million vehicles worldwide featuring a emissions-cheating defeat device, found that Volkswagen Group’s misleading engineering affected their V6 TDIs as well as the four-cylinder TDI models.

Volkswagen has so far denied the new accusations, and has requested more information be provided by the EPA as it continues its internal investigation of the Dieselgate scandal that saw CEO Martin Winterkorn resign and a complete reshuffling of VW Group’s brand structure.

New-CEO Matthias Mueller’s “Strategy 2025” isn’t getting off to such a good start so far.




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