Porsche Increases VW Share to 20 Percent; Farago Not Happy

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What is it with that Farago guy? Does anything make him happy? Take, for instance, today's news that Porsche is increasing its stake in the Volkswagen Group from five to 20 percent — banging up against the so-called "VW Law" (a statute that protects Lower Saxony's controlling minority stake in the home team automaker by banning any single entity from owning more than one-fifth of Volkswagen Group shares). Our Cayman-craving critic says Porsche's investment in Volkswagen signals the beginning of the end for the Porsche brand's focus and independence. Can Porsche maintain its mojo while connected to the Volkswagen Group, or will it become sucked into the maelstrom? Farago's not optimistic.

The Maus That Roared [The Truth About Cars]


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