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Porsche Driver Wearing Slippers Nearly Causes Head-On Collision

(Image: Damiam Hodgson/YouTube)
(Image: Damiam Hodgson/YouTube)

This Porsche Cayenne’s putting on a clinic about how not to drive on a two-lane road; passing cars so aggressively it barely manages to squeeze between one and an oncoming station wagon without splattering itself in a head-on collision.

Damian Hodgson, who was apparently driving the car with the dashcam, told The Mirror “[the Cayenne driver] said she was picking her husband up from the pub and was wearing a pair of slippers - but it’s no excuse to be overtaking on a blind bend.”


I mean, is that ever an excuse for anything?

Maybe the husband was Dalton and needed some backup clearing out a bar fight.

Regardless, the brazen pass was a pretty spectacularly poor decision and it looks like the Citroën, Škoda and Porsche were lucky to make it through this moment without more than some scraping.


The Porsche’s driver was reportedly “shaking like a leaf and on the edge of crying,” “hugging the Citroen driver and was apologetic” in the aftermath.

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To those saddened by the lack of colourful British swear words in the video, I offer this:

So what’s your favourite pronunciation of the word “fucking”? Facking is mine.