Former Jalop Jonny Lieberman interrupted our IM session yesterday, blowing me off by saying, "Sorry, I just got a MEGA SCOOP!!!" That MEGA SCOOP is Porsche's product plans for the next three years, and it involves lots of hybrids, lots of tech, and a Cayman GT4. I repeat, Cayman GT4!

According to Dr. L, the Cayman-based GT4 is the mid-engine track tool we've been screaming for a decade. It's likely to pack a modified version of the PDK pulled from the 911 GT3 and priced somewhere around $125k. That's quite a premium over the GTS, but a downright bargain compared to the GT3, which starts over $130,000 before you add things like a windshield and oxygen.


But the big question is what engine will find its way inside. Continuing the fine tradition of flat-sixes would be the obvious choice, but with Porsche experimenting with turbocharged four-pots and hybrid systems — specifically with its Le Mans-running 919 — a blown four is in the cards, and testing of an inline-four turbo is going on right now.

Oh, and a Spyder version is most certainly in the works. But that's not all.


Porsche doesn't have anything to compete with the bread-and-foie-infused-butter models from Lamborghini and Ferrari. It needs something in the 700 hp range, and in 2017, we'll supposedly get just that.

Plug-in hybrid versions of both the 911 Turbo S and Panamera Turbo S will borrow the tech employed by the 918 Spyder, with the 156-hp electric motor sandwiched between the engine and PDK to boost output to around 730 ponies. Both will be badged with the e-Hybrid moniker, and the same powertrain is almost guaranteed to make it into the Cayenne as well. Expect all three to command $185k and go up from there.


Electrically assisted versions of the rumored Cayenne Coupe and guaranteed Panamera Sport Turismo are in the cards, but equipped with the twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6 putting out well over 400 hp. Later on, hybridized turbo'd four models will be available, but Porsche will be pushing the big boy models at launch. Now we just have to hold our breath until 2017.

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