Porsche Carrera GT Burns In Shanghai

This Porsche Carrera GT caught fire at a track day at the Shanghai International Circuit, burning to a crisp shell before marshals were able to extinguish the blaze. Strangely poetic accident report below.

By Porsche owners, the owners at that time driving a Porsche to drive in the fast-track driving, suddenly saw smoke out of the front cover of the engine, the car stops quickly and get off after a roadside view, then suddenly leapt up from the fire body , gas flame, nearly 5 meters high, not be able to control the fire too, from time to time, the tire explosion.

Track not far from the Rally Team FCACA quickly fire personnel, but the fire was too fierce fire fight when the whole cab was destroyed, but fortunately this is the only track on a car, did not result in major incidents.

Although the car next to an emergency fire-fighting personnel, but the fire but too fast and the ultimate Porsche only a hollow shell. However, the owner of the car is pointing at the car said, "can see a large fire."


[via BBS 163]


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