While Porsche isn't busy exploding factories, it continues to adventure into the world of branding with a sexy audio system. Porsche took the minimalist approach with setup. It has no unnecessary buttons or displays. The front is a sheet of black acrylic glass, with the rest of the body crafted from brushed aluminum. Now why can't I get a car made entirely of stuff like that?

Porsche's system supports the iPod and other MP3 players via a auxiliary input and includes 1.5-inch speakers implemented in the front three control knobs. Also included in a 3-inch subwoofer. Given that the audio system seems to be primarily an AM/FM player, it was nice for Porsche to include RDS, or radio data system that can display artist and title information for FM radio. It's available for a very hefty $800. [Pro-Idee via TRFJ]