Porsche 959 Decals!

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The poor guy who created this page had no idea that one couldn't create one's own repro decals by scanning them and printing them out. It reminds us of being a youngster and finding out that 150dpi RGB images were no good for four-color, on-press printing. What's more, he's optimistic in thinking that copying a decal set by a vector artist will cost him a mere fifty samoleons. Nevertheless, the man does have a great archive of '80s-era R/C car decal sheets. Our favorite is the one from Tamiya's wonderful 959 kit. We kind of want to make our own life-size Rothmans water-slip decals and post them on every transparent surface within a three-block radius. [Vintage R/C Web]

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The all-white ones might be problematic but I think that many of those particular decals could be repro'd with the inkjet water slide paper?

I've been meaning to try the stuff.