Heaping irony upon irony, Germany's take on Amurikan Ford Mustang-like special edition bloat isn't just debuting in a country they invaded and we mock, they've also painted it grabber blue! Think Ford gave them a volk-und-family discount?

Take a moment to admire the symmetry here. The Porsche 911 was based on a car partially designed by Der Fuhrer himself and ol' Henry was a raging anti-semite. Germany occupied Paris and we came up with "Freedom Fries" after the frogs refused to fight in our illegal war. Is this all some clever show of force because Angela Murkel and Michelle Obama are jealous of Carla Bruni?

Aside from being painted in a Ford color and representing the 20th flavor of 911, the Porsche 911 Speedster is essentially a Carrera S Cabriolet with a tonneau cover, 23 extra HP, and a few other meaningless doodads. Don't get to covetous, they're only making 355 and slapping a ridiculous $265,000 price tag on the privilege of owning one.