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Porsche 911 Makes A Fuel Fireball In The Pits At COTA

Screencap via WEC
Screencap via WEC

Look, we’ve got it. Porsches are hot cars. Abu Dhabi? You’re probably used to the heat, too. You don’t have to spill fuel all over it and make the Porsche even hotter. It’s good. It’s really good.


Here’s a brief moment of car-b-que from the Abu Dhabi-Proton Racing pits. Fuel spilled on hot brake rotors will do this.

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Brad Landers

Fun fact, David Heinemeier-Hansson was at the wheel. He’s one of the amateur drivers, and is damn fast. He won GTE-Am at Le Mans 2014 driving an AMR Aston Martin Vantage. In his non-racing life, he wrote a programming framework called Ruby on Rails, which is what powered the original Twitter website.