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After all of the speculation, one of the boys at Teamspeed decided to try rendering the rumored 911-ending special edition GT3. They're calling it the Porsche 911 GT3 "Hybrid." We're calling it a really good educated guess.


The reason they're calling it a "Hybrid" is because they believe strongly this new Porsche will likely have KERS, and Porsche might decide to call it a "Hybrid." You know, for the marketing and stuff. Although they've got no idea when it will come out, but I'm guessing towards the very end of the 997's life.

The thing is, the Teamspeed boys have had a pretty good track record of rendering the past few variants of the ever-expanding family of 911s — including some spot-on renderings of the new Speedster. So although we'll take these new renderings with a grain of salt, it's a much smaller grain of salt than we'd normally include.


Head over to Teamspeed for more renderings (ooh, pretty colors!) and details on what the possible series-ender for the 911 could include.

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