Popular Mechanics Puts Its Own Numbers To The Corvette ZR1

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We knew the 2009 Corvette ZR1 was fast, but until now, we didn’t know how fast it could be in the hands of anyone other than GM’s official test drivers. It appears Popular Mechanics has strapped its own timing gear to the ZR1 and hit the go pedal. We’re kind of relieved they pulled times slightly slower than those officially quoted by GM. Despite the ridiculously accessible nature of its performance, the ZR1 is a real driver’s car that actually requires some driving. It’s nice to see that variations in driver skill, surface and other variables actually have an effect on it, rather than relying on electronics capable of completely removing humans from the equation. Hit the jump for the results. [via Popular Mechanics]


As for the leaf springs, get underneath a Vette and check 'em out; they are actually pretty cool the way they work. They are not mounted like the leaf springs of a pickup either, they are transversely mounted composite springs. They're sort of like an additional set of flexible sway bars.

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