Pop Every Eardrum In Your County With A Flame-Shooting 20B Rotary-Powered BMW M3

BMW M3s: good. The 20B engine from a Eunos Cosmo: also good. Stuffing the 20B in the BMW to go drag racing, adding a rotor and tuning it to shoot fire out the side is the stuff of our hopes and dreams, man.

I like to sit around and think of insane engine swaps that somebody with more time, energy and mechanical know-how than I have should attempt.

Cummins-swapped 924s! Type 4-swapped Trabants! A rear-engine Corvair-swapped Peugeot 505! A Toyota CH-R with a NASCAR V8! The Weinermobile, except powered by five Aston-Martin V12s in line down the middle of the sausage! A giant wheel of cheese powered by Velocar human-pedaled running gear!

Queen St. Customs’ flame-shooting four-rotor 20B-powered BMW drag car absolutely fits in the spirit of this game. Here it is racing at tracks near Sydney, Australia, going far quicker than my Velocar-swapped cheese wheel idea can ever hope for, but that’s the beauty of this heretical swap, isn’t it?

This run doesn’t go as well as the other one, but it gives you an epic flame show before the big spin-out.


If you want a good look under the hood, check out this feature on the car over on Speedhunters. It’s even more amazing with the hood off.

What’s the best dumb engine swap idea you’ve ever had? (Because I’d really love to stuff a Type 4 drivetrain into a Trabant.)

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I cringe at the sight of that open trans tunnel.

This weekend at a drift event, a flywheel exploded and shot shrapnel everywhere, cutting through brake lines and causing the driver to plow into a wall. Now think about that trans exploding and shooting shrapnel into this drivers body. Yikes.