Is the Ford Mustang franchise poised for a explosion of new models? That's what Auto Week's reporting, and the four-door concept above may be leading the charge. According to AW, a secret meeting on the Mustang's future that took place last year included plans for both sedan and wagon offshoots of the new-retro coupe when the next generation appears in 2011. The thinking is that the Mustang name holds more cachet than Ford's own brand, globally, and thus would be a properly calculated risk for worldwide expansion. And like GM, which is tapping its Australian Holden division for development of its new generation of beefier rear-drive models, like the Camaro and potential new Grand Prix, so to is Ford reportedly looking down under β€” to the land of the V8 Supercar racing series β€” for inspiration. We say go for it; and while you're at it, why stop at the wagon? (Whither the Chevrolet Corvair Greenbrier).

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