Pontiac's Plan: Solstice Coupe Coming in 2009

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Automotive News reports this week on GM's plans for its future as a profitable concern (at least for now) One point on Pontiac's timeline that grabbed our fleeting attention span was the year 2009. That's when AW says the previously rumored Solstice Coupe is due (Note: 2002 Solstice Coupe Concept pictured). Destined to be a favorite for club racers and the aerodynamics engineers who rue those craptacular hardtops they've had to add on the roadster versions, the Coupe will get the turbocharged 2.0-liter direct-injection four producing 265 horsepower, though there's no word of a shoehorned V8 (hello? Mr. Mallett?). A redesign of the entire Solstice line is in store for the 2011 model year.


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@HOSERDAVE, What about the BMW M-coupes? Yes they might be a niche market, but they are catering to those enthusiasts that want that added performance. GM is merely following suit.