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When did Pontiac become the Fredo of the GM family? (No need to answer, it's rhetorical.) Pontiac is the only GM brand that's seen its sales drop amid the company's arguably most successful discount program ever. Hummer sales for the month exploded, rising 210.5 percent, just as gas prices hit $3.00 a gallon in some states; even Buick's sales rose by 36.4 percent. But Pontiac's fell 14.1 percent (though the brand's sales are actually up 17 percent since June 2004). Other than changing its name to "Pontiac: A Place for Ribs," how can Pontiac get some customers to buy stuff from them? Will the late, late Solstice bail them out? Will the retractable-roof G6 be enough to keep them afloat? So many questions, so little space.

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