Pontiac Rear-Wheel-Drive Excitement On Hold

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There was some speculation floating around which opined the future of Pontiac would be an all rear-wheel-drive one. Exciting as that may be, those rumors have been quashed. Despite the introduction of the RWD Pontiac Solstice, Pontiac G8 and pending Pontiac G8 ST, the market shift toward fuel economy is forcing GM to keep wrong-wheel-drive firmly in place for future product plans at the pointy-spear division. So what kind of cars will we be seeing as a result?With the Pontiac G6 in refresh limbo and a probable Pontiac G5 based on the Chevy Cruze, it's a hard to argue the case for an all-rear-wheel-drive lineup at the moment. MotorAuthority contradicts an earlier GM statement saying we wouldn't be seeing the Pontiac G3 in the US. They go one step further and imagine a car between the G3 and the G5 — we're no rocket scientists, but "G4" is a good bet for a name. So, lets count it all up: No rear-wheel-drive lineup and a rebadged Aveo? We don't like this story; put it back. [MotorAuthority]


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@biminitwst: Sorry guy, but since I live, work, and commute in the Northeast, I will not purchase a Rear Wheel Drive car, ever again. AWD? Maybe, RWD, not on my life.

I wasn't a convert to FWD until 1983 when I bought my VW Jetta (Mk I). I then began to realize how great these thigs were in the snow, how secure I felt in heavy rain, and what torque steer was all about (No Power Steering at that time). I remember that 83 (or 84) was a particularly brutal winter up here, and the car behaved through deep snow drifts, barreled out of un-shoveled driveways, and was magnificent on icy roadways (getting the car going, stopping was another matter) that I was sold on FWD for good.

Someone said with todays traction controlled RWD cars that FWD has no advantages any more. I beg to differ. Different car, same results. A Nasty wet snow fell on our roads during one afternoon, and the plow drivers could not shave it off the roads in time for the afternoon commute. Very slight grades became impassable to trucks, and cars not properly equipped. I had my Quest Minivan, and the first car I had to go around was an Infiniti J30 (remember those?) who was stopped for a light, but I noticed the rear wheels were just turning, without the car moving. when I made it to a side street that had a sharper incline, I tried my luck. There was a BMW on the side of the hill, with a Benz E300 a little further up, but alse not making any further progress. I didn't have TC, so it was my right foot gingerly pressing on the accelerator, feeling the slightest of slippage, and managed to get around all those vehicles.

So, no RWD for me.