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There was some speculation floating around which opined the future of Pontiac would be an all rear-wheel-drive one. Exciting as that may be, those rumors have been quashed. Despite the introduction of the RWD Pontiac Solstice, Pontiac G8 and pending Pontiac G8 ST, the market shift toward fuel economy is forcing GM to keep wrong-wheel-drive firmly in place for future product plans at the pointy-spear division. So what kind of cars will we be seeing as a result?With the Pontiac G6 in refresh limbo and a probable Pontiac G5 based on the Chevy Cruze, it's a hard to argue the case for an all-rear-wheel-drive lineup at the moment. MotorAuthority contradicts an earlier GM statement saying we wouldn't be seeing the Pontiac G3 in the US. They go one step further and imagine a car between the G3 and the G5 — we're no rocket scientists, but "G4" is a good bet for a name. So, lets count it all up: No rear-wheel-drive lineup and a rebadged Aveo? We don't like this story; put it back. [MotorAuthority]


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