Pontiac Grand Am Has a Major Pit Fall

Okay, the Pontiac Grand Am may not have been the greatest car in the world. It may not have even been of palatable quality when it came out, but that's no reason to drive it into your local oil jockey's pit. This video may be as old as the internet, but occasionally we like to replay the classics, you know, for the kids. Pay attention closely as Speed completely disregards the guidance of Joe Quicky-Lube and barrels forth into an interesting predicament.


LandofMinos: ...sent down to strike the unroadworthy!

@cgarison: My brother sold his 1971 VH Charger R/T E37 (Rare Aussie Chrysler) to a young bloke who'd never driven stick shift before. He took the keys, my bro gave him a crash(pun) course in manual driving. He Did OK, bought the car and left.

He made it to the next suburb where my bro got a call. The young bloke meant to stop at a 'T' intersection traffic light and forgotten to put his foot on the clutch. The old Hemi has a lot of torque and did not stall, it just bunny hopped a little, young bloke panicked and put his foot on the gas which launched the car across the intersection and right through a brick wall. The car heavily damaged but still drivable albeit with no radiator.