Pontiac Bursts Into Flames After Driver Dares To Try And Move It

PROTIP: Never try to move your car, anywhere, anytime, for any reason. Especially if there's ice around.


What appears to be a Pontiac G6 became completely engulfed in flames after the driver simply tried to move it off of its ice patch in Brooklyn today. Via the local Ditmas Park Corner:

After being awoken by the sound of tires spinning, [witness] Vita said she saw the driver attempting to move from a patch of ice for about 20 minutes, after which she said the vehicle burst into flames.


The driver emerged from the car with all of their limbs and hair intact, though the car appears to be a total loss.

Firefighters told the Corner that the FDNY responds to four car fires every day during winter, and that many of them are caused by the constant friction of drivers revving their engines trying to help their cars escape from wintery tombs.

At this point, you're better off just hibernating in the trunk or something until the first thaws of Spring.

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And the Oscar for best cinematography goes to Vita Beylina for "Branch through a screen window, with something happening behind it."