And the winner is…

That's the question everyone wants answered when it comes to the 2010 car/truck rendition of the Pontiac G8. And the answer is: All those inquiring minds will have to wait.

The deadline for consumers to submit names for the upcoming two-door car/truck version of the G8 sedan came and passed last week, but don't expect the winning moniker to be revealed until the end of May at the earliest, says Pontiac spokesman Jim Hopson.nbsp;

Pontiac unveiled the car/truck at the New York auto show last month, and it brought to mind the days of the Chevy El Camino that last sold in the '80s. At the show, Pontiac launched a contest inviting folks to submit names for the model that reportedly will go on sale in the fall of 2009 as a 2010 model.


The reason it will take time to chose the winning moniker, Hopson said, is that more than 10,000 different names were submitted. Now the fun begins. Pontiac has to sort through all the names to weed out the goofy ones, those legally committed to another company or product, or those, which, in a foreign language, could possibly translate into swear words or, worse, into quot;Aztek.quot;

While 10,000 different names were submitted, there's no tally on just how many people submitted duplicate names. Regardless of which name is chosen, everyone who submitted a name will have his or her name tossed in a hat, and one will be pulled out and awarded one of the first copies of whatever the car/truck is named.

quot;I can confirm, however, that one of the names is El Camino,quot; Hopson said.


Hopson refused to say which names were frontrunners because Pontiac still hasn't been determined which names are the legal property of others, and which may actually be worse than heck, darn, or Aztek.

He wouldn't say how many submitted El Camino but did say that no matter which name received the most vote, that name would not automatically be picked. Marketing types— who supposedly know which names prompt people to buy or not — will still have a say on the name chosen, he said.nbsp; nbsp;

There has also been internal debate at GM whether the name of a former Chevy last sold in the '80s could or would be used on a new Pontiac.


Hold tight — we'll have to wait to find out.

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