Poll Shows Barack Obama Leads Mitt Romney Among NASCAR Fans

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If there's one thing that NASCAR drivers are famous for, it's turning left. Apparently it's the same for its fans.

Polling amongst NASCAR fans isn't looking good for Mitt Romney, who is behind Barack Obama by seven percentage points — 41% to 48%.

The poll, conducted by polling pollsters Zogby, showed that NASCAR's loyal fan base are actually in Barack Obama's corner, so to speak. The crosstabs show a small sampling, but those who identify as NASCAR fans prefer the president.


Romney had been on the straight and narrow working to appeal to the traditionally conservative NASCAR base and has already spent time campaigning in North Carolina around NASCAR shops. There is even a Romney/Ryan 2012 NASCAR in existence. And no, it isn't actually a Plymouth Prowler.


NASCAR has been an interesting focal point of this election, with both candidates making big pushes to woo the demographic. Romney has attended races and spoken about having friends that are NASCAR team owners. The Democratic Convention was held in Charlotte, and there was a Planned Parenthood rally outside the NASCAR Hall of Fame Museum.


It remains to be seen who the NASCAR drivers are supporting for the election. Last year, five drivers turned down a White House invite from President Obama due to "other commitments."

Photo Credit: Getty Images