Polizei On My Back: Bullrun Finale Party Verit

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Generally, one does not fuck with the Polizei. In this case, we are making an exception. Even German precision can be fouled, as was proven with the ailing front differential in the Los Matadors' Lamborghini Gallardo SE. It can be argued that without an infusion of German precision, the Lambo would never have made the 4,000-plus-mile trek. It can also be blamed on shoddy Italian workmanship. It might also be blamed on the lead feet of Emil and Rory Matador. However, the lack of precision in this photograph of Alex Roy and his film partner Corey could only be blamed on the slow response of Los Jalopnik's shoddy, imprecise Japanese camera's shutter and some yahoo with a couple of fingers to spare. Thanks, Alex, for showing up in LA for the soiree. Respect das Law!

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