Polish Rally Drivers Don't Need No Stinking Steering Wheel

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If your steering wheel fell of while you were driving, you’d probably pull over to the side of the road and wait for a truck to come and tow you to the nearest shop. But you are not a Polish rally driver. If you were, you wouldn’t give a crap if your steering wheel fell off. You’d keep going.


Like a szef.

It’s readily apparent that the driver initially thinks he should just stop or something, but then once he realizes he doesn’t actually need the wheel, he decides to power on through, using his Fist of Awesome to grab what remains of the steering column and keep on going. Alright, so it’s not at full race speeds, but we can cut the guy some slack. Dude just lost his steering wheel.


Also, major kudos to the co-driver as well. Instead of freaking out and being all “dude you should probably at least, I dunno, try to put the wheel back on,” his reaction looks more like “oh, we’re doing this? I guess we’re doing this,” and it sounds like he keeps going with the directions.

Any Polish speakers out there care to translate?

UPDATE: Reader Adrian wrote in to give us a helpful translation. It’s a lot like you would expect:

Co-Driver: What’s wrong?

Driver - Dammit, I won’t be able to tighten it back on right now.

They drive away and he continues with course notes.

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It’s mostly inaudible but they go like this: “Fuck!” “What the fuck!” “I won’t be able to fix it right now”. “Okay, let’s go, shall we?” “By all means”.