Police Search For Driver After Horrific Crash Kills Expectant Parents In New York (Updated)

A crash in New York around midnight claimed the lives of a man and his pregnant wife, and police are searching for the occupants of the BMW that hit them.

According to CNN, Nathan and Raizy Gluber, both 21, were traveling in a Toyota Camry livery cab when the BMW slammed into them from the side at an intersection. The Glubers were taken to different hospitals and later pronounced dead, according to news reports.


Bellevue Hospital performed an emergency C-section to save the Glubers' baby boy, who is now in critical condition. The driver of the Toyota was also hospitalized.

I wish I could ask you to put your car-catching abilities to work on this one, but it looks like the two occupants left their BMW at the scene and fled on foot.


Everything about this story is horribly sad. Let's just hope that the people in the BMW are brought to justice soon.

Update: The couple's baby died in a hospital Monday, according to the New York Times. The BMW driver and his passenger remain at large.


Photo credit CNN

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