Police Arrest Suspected Car Thief That Evaded Them In A Pontiac G8

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Last month a St. Louis man stole a 2009 Pontiac G8 from a car dealer. Since then, he has been in at least six police chases, some of which have exceeded speeds of 130 mph. This week authorities arrested a suspect that they believe is the secret wheel-man.


According to The St. Louis Post Dispatch, Deterion Jolley, 23, was arrested and charged on Tuesday with stealing a motor vehicle. Police say the suspect entered Century Dodge Chrysler Jeep and asked to test drive a car. Jolley allegedly took a set of keys that were left out by a dealership employee and made off with a 2009 Pontiac G8.


Authorities attempted to apprehend Jolly at least six times, and each time he was able to get away. In the previous post some of the commenters pointed out that the chases were called off once the speeds went beyond 130 mph. Often police will discontinue a high-speed chase if they feel it is too dangerous. While the G8 — with its available V8 and rear-wheel-drive — could make for an excellent getaway car, the downside is that there aren't that many of them. So spotting one around St. Louis probably was not too difficult. And apparently Wentzville MO, Police do have Caprice Interceptors in the fleet.

Bail for Jolly has been set at $25,000. No word on whether or not Rockstar Games will offer him a guest appearance in the next edition of Grand Theft Auto.

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