Polestar, which has been getting pretty coy on Instagram as of late, is finally beginning to show some of its cards.

Last week, Polestar—owned by Volvo but, as of this summer, an independent brand within the company—posted a message that simply said, “The End,” following that up a few days later with one that said, “17.10.17,” teasing an Oct. 17 event when a new car is set to be revealed (Oct. 17 is also my birthday, thanks).


On Monday, Polestar finally began showing parts of what the car actually looks like, posting a series of photos that made a mosaic revealing what is (probably) their first car since going independent. The shot above is part of the right tail light; below is all of the pieces put together, or at least what’s been revealed so far.

As you can see, you don’t see much, but it’s, you know, something.

The new Polestar cars are not expected to carry any Volvo branding, meaning that Volvo is really trying to make a go of Polestar as a brand for the high-performance-but-also-electrified space. Think of it as something like the electric version of AMG.

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