The launch of the Polaris Slingshot hasn't gone exactly well. Beyond the legal hurdles of calling a trike a motorcycle and expecting DMVs across the country to be cool with that, Polaris is now issuing a stop sale and "stop ride" because the steering might fail and the roll hoops aren't up to spec. Nice.

In a letter sent to dealers (and possibly some owners), Polaris is asking everyone to stop selling and/or driving the Slingshot immediately because of a potential issue with the steering bearings which, "should they fail, will result in unexpected loss of steering control." (As opposed to "expected loss"…)

As if that wasn't enough, Polaris also discovered that the roll hoops on some Slingshots "may not support the Polaris performance specifications."

The parts to prevent Slingshot owners from losing steering, careening into a ditch, and if they flip, possibly losing much, much more will be available from dealers at the end of the month. More details in the letter below.


Thanks Nick!