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Here's a good reason to hate beautiful Marin County. Besides exorbitant housing prices, people there give not a whit for fact and follow their own agenda. It's like Malibu, only at least in Malibu, the self-righteous nimrods tend to be transparent film-industry types, and that's somewhat forgivable. Don't ask us why, but having lived in proximity to both places, we're more amused by Malibu and more annoyed by Marin. The Point Reyes Light turned what could've been an interesting piece on electric charging stations in a national park into a propaganda piece about the brilliance of electric motoring. Now and then, we read things that make us want to punch the dumbass writer. This is one of those pieces. "No manufacturer currently makes [an electric car]." Seriously, Jonah Owen Lamb, do your due dilligence. Otherwise, you're gonna look like an asshole. Oh wait — you already do. What's sad is that most Marininites won't care.

Park gets electric cars, but you cant [sic] [Point Reyes Light]

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