Podium Foot Stank Is The Most Delicious Kind Of Foot Stank

Tasty! Photo credit: Getty Images

Mark Webber toasted his fellow Australian Daniel Ricciardo’s second place Formula One Belgian Grand Prix finish with a celebratory “shoey:” a champagne chug out of Ricciardo’s shoe. Nothing says guy love like being able to down another man’s foot-funk.

Webber drove for Riccardo’s Red Bull team before moving over to the World Endurance Championship to race the Porsche 919. He was on hand to do the podium interviews for Spa, though, so of course, he had to share in his F1 replacement’s celebration.


The “shoey,” of course, is a thing in Australia, which seems fitting for the magical, if not slightly terrifying land that gave us Mad Max and the term “hoon.”

Something tells me Lewis Hamilton won’t be joining in this celebration. Photo credit: Getty Images

Congrats on another podium, Honey Badger. Alcohol kills germs, right? Right.

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