Take an Impulse 100 very light plane, beef up its structure and elongate it, and then strap a 450-horsepower Allison turbine to the front of it and you end up with one fast and fun daemon of the skies that also looks freakin’ awesome!

Oh, and considering the locale and unique home of the Pocket Rocket shown in the video below, its owner may be a Bond villain:

Just listen to this thing start up, run and shut down. The soundtrack is almost worth the price of admission alone!

According to Gonzoaviation.com these are the basic performance specifications for this one-off aggressive flying machine:

Max cruise at 2,000ft - 220 kts

Cruise at 16000ft - 282 kts

Rate of Climb @ 80 kts 6200 ft/ min.

@130 kts 4200 ft/min.

Rate of descend @180 kts 6000 ft/ min.

Stall power on: none, climbs with 80° nose up
Stall power off: 39 kts

Structural G limit +10/-10

This thing is like a balls-out anime version of the Marchetti SF-260C with a tail wheel and I want one.


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