Pobeda Pursuit!

A coworker was telling me about her childhood in Russia and her family's Zaporozhets. "Terrible car," she told me. "My grandfather, he had a real car!" Yes, it was a special occasion when the whole family could ditch the ZAZ and climb into Grandpa's spacious GAZ-M20 Pobeda for a holiday road trip. So in honor of the mighty Pobeda, here's some footage of unknown origin showing one getting a little loose on wet pavement.


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Raphael Orlove

Okay everybody, it's obsessive jalopniker time - if you skip straight to the start of the slide and listen to just a tiny bit of the fake tire squeal before skipping right back to where you started, you actually get a pretty cool DJ cut type-sound with the hum of the engine followed by a diddle-iddle-aah of the squeal. Time it right and it comes off in a four-four beat. Pretty rad? I think so.