Plymouth Fire Arrow on eBay

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Further proof that the definition of a classic car is changing as time marches on is this Plymouth Fire Arrow on eBay. The seller built this Fire Arrow using the parts from a rough original, and a body from a regular Arrow. He even had of custom set of Fire Arrow decals made to replace the originals. The Fire Arrow was a Plymouth take on the Mitsubishi Lancer Celeste, and had nothing to to with the also sold-as-a-Plymouth Sunbeam Arrow. The rear-drive Fire Arrow packed a 2.6L four, a five-speed, and four-wheel disc brakes. '70s adverts for the Arrow featured Harry Nilsson's Me and My Arrow as the jingle. The song arose from a fable Nilsson conceived while on acid and gazing at tree branches called The Point! We're holding out for a tow yard auction Arrow to appear so we can replace the atmospheric 2.6L with a turbocharged Starion mill. [Thanks to Al Kirschenbaum for the tip ] [Plymouth Fire Arrow on eBay and Arrow History via Allpar]